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Investigations WITH solutions to your paranormal problems

When you are dealing with the paranormal/preternatural, terror and despair often push you to reach out.  If you are reading this message, you have most likely exhausted other avenues of help to no avail.  Fear not.  Whatever you have experienced, whatever torment you're living through, we have seen, heard, or encountered the same activity.  That being said, there is almost nothing that you can say that will shock us into disbelief.  We will believe you.

Do not ignore what is happening to you.  One of the worst things you can do is ignore the darkness, thinking that if you do, it will go away.  They will not be ignored.  Know the warning signs: severe bouts of depression, fits of rage, blackouts/loss of time, withdrawal for society, addiction, psychic cold, stench of sulfur/feces/urine/rotting meat, disembodied voices, grunts, and growls; unexplained physical attacks that would include scratches, bruises, bites, and touches.  If any of these descriptions resonate with you, call us.  We can help.

At Christ's Favor Ministry, Inc., we are here to help break the chains of those that are afflicted, tormented, and plagued by what hides in the different kinds of darkness.  People of diverse beliefs and backgrounds have come through our doors and been liberated from many a horrific existence.  Your race, color, creed, lifestyle, and even religion will not be questioned; none of these factors will deter us from walking through your door (or vice-versa).  What will matter FOR YOU will be your amount of faith if you want to come out free AND STAY FREE on the other side of the proverbial door.  We believe in the magnificent power of FAITH in the Heavenly Father, His Holy Trinity, and His Holy Angels.  You should too.

Contact us.  Stop living in fear, and start living in FAITH. 

What We Do & How We Do it

Deliverance-Exorcism-Spiritual Liberation

By any name, the outcome is the same. It's the removal of negative energy/dark forces from one's home, property or self.

This includes:

  • Witchcraft, Satanic & blood oath curse removal
  • Generational-ancestral curse neutralization
  • Spirit relocation and/or banishment
  • Ouija board, ghost hunting and spirit attachment elimination
  • Haunted house/property cleansing

Spiritual Growth & Empowerment

Empower yourself, your church, club or paranormal group with seminars led by real exorcists.  Get working, applicable knowledge for real-life situations.  Learn how to protect yourself and loved ones.  More importantly, learn how to rise above negative spiritual influence and enjoy a more abundant life.

  • Christ's Great Commission
  • Is it supernatural or preternatural?  What's the difference?
  • Spiritual evaluation
  • Christ-like evolution and the Unity of One
  • Reveal & embrace your spiritual gift(s)

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  • "I am eternally grateful to Rev Ron and Xavier for their extraordinary gifts. Their ministry enlightened, empowered and inspired my life with an inner peace and strength I have not felt in a long while. In a weekend, their ministry changed my life forever. There was a negative entity attached to my life and home that was severely threatening and affecting me in a bad way with touching, marks and scratches on my body, adversely affected my emotions and motivation for life that eventually lead to a complete attachment. In denial and completely clueless for years, I blamed others for the adverse actions and finally realized what was happening to me was not human generated. I was scared for my life until CFM's ministry came in to my life empowering me with their awesome spiritual abilities. They resolved and banished the negative attachments out of my life. Their powerful gifts left a lasting influence on my life and I'll be forever thankful for their friendship. Follow through with their long term spiritual advice to stay cleansed and strong. Blessings to the CFM team for their outstanding ministry and to the Heavenly Father for my blessed life. Thank you."

-JoAnne T, Lewisville TX

"After many years of suffering from an attack from the enemy and after going through many deliverance and still no relief, I was skeptical, however the moment I opened my door to the Pastors, they saw the enemy plainly and what I had been dealing with and they knew what to do. Now I have an angel by my side protecting me. The angel had been there all along but all I could feel was the attack from the enemy. I thank God for the team and pray for His protection over their lives so they can continue to help the rest of us."

-Esther O, Canada

"I can't say enough good things about the team, they came when we needed him and made our lives livable again.  My daughter and I were experiencing unexplained and truly scary things in and apartment we had lived in only a short time.  Things were being moved around, there was always a heavy, uncomfortable feeling in the house.  My daughter was being physically touched by something.  We were both afraid to be home.  They were friendly and made us feel like we weren't crazy.  They drove away what was terrifying us and it has never returned.  They are truly gifted.
- Daidri V, TX

"After years of living depressed, angry and lost.  Rev. Ron cleared me out and made room for the Holy Spirit to come and live inside me.  the Lord uses him to teach and spread His love and light to all who are lost and tormented by the choices we've all made in our lives.  My life will never be the same!  Thank you Ron and thank you Jesus!"
- George S, TN

"Ron went through our Deliverance and healing training years ago in Oklahoma City.  He quickly rose to being a team leader and was soon ministering on his own, even in other states."
- Everett Cox Sr, Minister & Founder. Deliverance Ministries Inc, OK

"Felt the weight lift from my shoulders to know I wasn't alone.  Let God arise and his enemies be scattered"
-Casey J, TX

"The team at Christ's Favor Ministry is beyond amazing!  They came into my family's life at time when it seemed like the dark cloud and fear would never leave us.  With their help we can feel the sunshine again!  The work they do is truly a Godsend and we will be forever thankful."
- Amanda B, TX

"Can't lie and say I wasn't a little skeptical about it all when my wife first told me.  Not in what they were portraying but, the effectiveness of it all.  What sold me before they even got here was the fact they were doing it for us through charity from a previous client of theirs due to it affecting our two young daughters.  Once they got here it wasn't what I  envisioned either.  Reverend Ronald and Xavier were extremely approachable and really made a tense situation much more relaxed which, in return helped us relax and open up.  They pinpointed extremely personal events in our lives, that affected us so much more than we realized down to the time frame of when it happened and what exactly it was.  The way me and my wife feel after our session is literally night and day to how we felt from just the previous night.  We cried, we laughed and we truly believe we are rid of the burdens of our past and everything that was attached and following us.  We can truly breathe and no longer feel anxious.  I can't thank you enough for what you did for my wife, my 3 children and myself.  We will always stay in contact for I truly feel we have a friend with Reverend Ronald and Xavier."
- Dillon H, TX

"It's was an amazing experience.  I never realized how much of my past I was carrying around with me.  Along with the guilt, fear and anxiety.  I haven't felt this great for as long as I can remember! Thank you so much!"

- Stacey B, TX

"I am the first to admit that I know/knew my "demons", but I didn't. I always thought they were a part of me, and that always made me ashamed and strangely satisfied.  Only they weren't a part of me, they were stealing my life.  This experience is not something easily put in to words but, it has saved me when I had no idea I needed it and in ways I never could've fathomed.  I can't thank Rev Ron and his team enough, not just for me or my family, but for any and everybody they've helped amongst their journey! Thank you SO much!"

- Marsha M, TX

"I didn't realize how heavy and dark my life was getting until Ron and Xavier helped my Family.  They are truly a blessing sent from Father!"

- Kama H, TX

"The team at Christ's Favor Min. completely changed my families life for the better.  They came in when we were in desperate need and gave my family and I a second chance at a faithful life full of the Holy Spirit.  I can't thank Ron and Xavier enough for giving me my sister back and for making my childhood home somewhere that is filled with light and love once more.  Its through their help and the Lord Jesus that we were granted a second chance, and for that I will be forever grateful."

-Lauren B, CO

"The next day I spoke to my daughter in law and she said she is feeling amazing... she now walks in the light of God...There is a light back around my husband. When we first met I called him My brighteyes. My brighteyes is back and the bond between us is back. I am doing better. I am still having pain but it's getting less and less every day. I have been living with Such intense debilitating pain for years so I figured it would take time for the achiness to stop. I am walking so much better.  We all are feeling so much better. God bless you Both."

-Christine & Family, VA

"It was very enlightening.  Rev. Ron cleaned our home.  It now is very peaceful.  He explained a lot to us and gave us prayers to say to help keep the home clean."

-Jessica B, PA

"Rev Ron & Xavier came out as soon as possible... a little explaining of what was going on in our house... he came in and was amazing... I now know how to fight back and use my light powers more and more... he also always responds to me immediately when i have questions! He's awesome and he had helped us a lot"

-Alyssa & Mike, TX

"Rev Ron is honestly like a 911 link straight from our Father, he came out quickly after I contacted the team and honestly I'm not sure how to begin explaining what I felt after Rev Ron finished ministering to the darkness that has been tormenting my kids, my mind body and home. It is truly amazing, it was like I was being born again, physically and spiritually. What amazes me was how calm and patient he was with us. Truly a man of God. It's been 2 weeks and I have called him and Xavier a few times with queries and they displayed the same patience kindness and eagerness to help. So thankful for you all keep up the good work and may God continue to Bless you all is my prayer."

-Sharron W, Omaha, NE

I'm so thankful that I met Ron and was able to spend time with him.  It was definitely a life changing/saving experience.  My deceased husband, out of love and worry had attached himself to me and could not let go.  My health was in pretty bad shape, along with depression and anxiety.  Since meeting Ron 6 weeks ago things have greatly changed!!!!  I'm starting to put weight back on, I'm the happiest I've been in years, and my fiancee and I are more in love then we ever have been.  The follow up I've had with Ron has been great.  He doesn't just help you and forget you. He's there to help on your journey and to answer your questions/concerns.  This has been a lifesaving experience!!!!
-Terri, AZ

Thank you, from the bottoms of our hearts, for what you did. Thank you for coming out on short notice, during the holiday season, to help us. We are able to enjoy our home again. And we're so much more aware of just how much the entities/demons/spirits were affecting us. We have prayed together every day, practicing the prayers you gave us. We now see even more clearly... We are becoming more unified as a family and focusing on the Light and Love that binds us together and it's an amazing process. We have more practice and more learning to do, but Rev Xavier and Rev Ron cleared the space and gave us the tools to fight darkness with Light and hatred with Love.

-Amanda & Kurtis, OH

  Reverend Ron came to my home in Florida. I was being attacked by evil spirits and demons for many years. They actually put me in the hospital four times. They were mysterious illnesses doctors could not figure out. After Rev Ron left, it was wonderful. Rev Ron gave me a blessing for my sight to get better so I could read the Bible which I wasn't able to do before due to my cataracts. I've been praying for this everyday for so many years. AFTER HE LEFT A FEW DAYS LATER I OPENED UP MY BIBLE AND A MIRACLE HAPPENED! I could read the Bible! What a blessing and no more attacks! I read my Bible everyday thanks to Father God and Rev. Ron's blessing.

-Diana K, FL


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